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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Land of the Lost 2009 Movie

Funny part of the Movie....

Have you watched the Land of the Lost 2009 Movie? Well, if you're looking for a stress relieving movie, this is the one to watch.

Me and my colleagues got a bunch of laughs just watching this movie and there is a part there where we liked most. We kept on repeating and repeating the same scene over and over and over and over....whew. I don't know how many times we kept watching this part.

This scene was so good, we got LSS (Last Song Syndrome) from this (including the synthesizer effect while we sing). The scene was when they found the glass portal and they sang Cher's song with synthesizer effects and all. You must their facial expression. F na F... wahahaha... I thought Will Ferrell (Dr. Rick Marshall) will stop Danny McBride (Will Stanton), but he also sang and they did a duet. You may just like it also, so here it is...

Monday, August 10, 2009

SevenShots Mobile Bar

SevenShots Mobile Bar

Do you want a bar for your parties or any celebrations, but cannot afford to rent the whole bar and the place? Or do not have the budget to bring all your guests to the bar? Or just celebrating at home and wanted a bar included? Then why don't you bring the bar to your home or to the venue where you will celebrate the occasion.

My cousin celebrated her birthday in a private resort which she rented. Also, she rented a mobile bar that came to the venue and set up their "own" bar. The mobile bar was called "SevenShots Mobile Bar".

Here is the full details of SevenShots. (from their multiply page)

"SevenShots is a mobile beverage bar that specializes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as shooters, slammers, cocktails and mocktails. Some of the bar lists bestselling concoctions include, Mojitos, Blow Job, Traffic Light, Bob Marley's Tea, Shark Attack, Bird of Paradise, Sex with Jess, Upside Down Margarita, Sexy Lemon Slam and Boracay Mocha Blend. We also have our specials, Ram-On 147, a cool shooter with just a bit of spice and Supahstarr, a sweet-tangy addictive cocktail that will surely make you ask for more and some more. We promise! Of course we have the classics too, like Screwdriver, Margarita, Weng Weng, Tequila Sunrise, Zombie to name a few. For your adventurous and fearless guests, indeed, we have the flamers too Flaming Sambuca, Jet Fuel and Tower of Babel . Don’t worry, flamers are 100% safe. Trust us!

SevenShots will set up your “own” bar where you want it, when you want it. We want you to enjoy your party so we will only send professional bartenders and bar assistants to man your bar. We cater to different events such as birthdays, weddings, debuts, corporate functions, family reunions, soiree, anniversaries, product launch, Christmas parties or whenever you just wanted to throw a party. We offer different packages depending on the number of your guests but we will go out of our way to customize your bar list and design a package that will fit your budget."

For inquiries and information, you can contact Mr. John Magallanes.
You can get the numbers from their multiply page below. click on the link

Thanks to
Mr. John Magallanes and SevenShots for the permission to add them to my blog.
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